Tips for Sellers - Preparing your House for Sale

Preparing your House for Sale


Make sure the outside of your home is as inviting as possible - make people want to come in!

  • Lawns cut and edges trimmed
  • Walks and Driveways swept clean
  • Garbage cans/Recycle boxes, etc hidden from view
  • Fences/gates painted and repaired
  • Exterior trim painted/cleaned
  • Minimize the number of visible parked vehicles

Front Door & Entrance

  • Does the doorbell work?
  • Make sure front door is clean /painted and that it opens and closes easily
  • Oil the door hinges
  • Do the locks function easily?
  • Is the outside light working and bright enough?
  • Inside entrance free of shoes, etc.


  • Counters clean & "clutter-free"
  • Sink and taps spotless and no leaks or drain problems
  • Clean and organize under the sinks - folks look!
  • Appliances clean and inside fridge tidy
  • Cupboards clean and organized


  • Impeccably clean and fresh
  • Few or no items on the vanity
  • Fresh towels tastefully hung
  • Mirror clean and windows open


  • Minimize the amount of furniture (vanities, wardrobes)
  • Beds made and dressed with your best covers
  • Night stands and all surfaces clean of personal items
  • Closets organized and "space" created


  • Do all lights work and have sufficient wattage?
  • Windows washed inside and out
  • Carpets cleaned, as necessary
  • Deck/patio areas clean and "debris free"
  • Pet litter boxes fresh and hidden
  • Drapes open during day and closed at night
  • Garage/carport organized and swept clean