Tips for Buyers

Buying a home is likely the single biggest purchase decision most people will ever make.

Hiring a professional to represent you and protect your interests is, without question, the single most important decision to make before you buy.

After close to 20 years in the business, and having successfully represented hundreds of buyers, you can be assured Keith knows all the key issues buyers face.

While nothing takes the place of a personal meeting to answer all your concerns, below is a brief summary of many of the issues you will want to address both before and when you buy.

Keith's job is to make sure you know the answers to these and all other questions you may have, and that there are no "surprises" along the way.

  • What, specifically, do we want in a home?
  • Where do we, and where don't we want to live?
  • What about re-sale value and any area concerns?
  • How much can we comfortably afford, and does our Bank or Broker agree?
  • How do we obtain the best mortgage rate and terms?
  • What sort of deposit will be needed on an offer?
  • What additional costs are associated with buying?
  • Do we qualify for any/all grants/rebates/exemptions?
  • How do "subject to" clauses protect us and what clauses can we expect to see?
  • What sort of budget should we have for moving costs and set-up charges?
  • Do we need a Lawyer or Notary, and at what stage?
  • What happens at completion?